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Salmon Trouble: People Just Don’t Get It

An article by Dennis Cuff in the Contra Costa Times today reports that a federal panel is considering closing the salmon fishing season this year from Monterey to northern Oregon in order to protect Klamath river salmon. The salmon are not the focus of the story, though they do get some mention. Because Klamath salmon… Read More »

Catching Up

Last Thursday, my sister, Emily Kay May, arrived from Australia. She came in via a military transport hop to Travis AFB near Fairfield, then caught a BART bus to reach the Pleasant Hill BART station. At the time she telephoned me, I was at the Kaiser Permanente medical offices in Walnut Creek talking with my… Read More »

Digital Photo Post-Processing

There are a number of ways in which I handle post-processing digital photos. The first issue is that if the original photo is in JPEG format, then one wants to be careful to preserve the original file. All editing and modifications, save lossless rotation, should be performed on a copy of the original. This is… Read More »

Rusty’s End of Season

Sunday the 19th was the last day in the 2005-2006 hunting season for rabbits. So Nick Matzke and I went with Rusty to check out a spot that Diane and I had visited before. I was aiming to arrive about an hour before sunset. Rabbits tend to get active as night approaches, so I figured… Read More »

ScienceDaily: Scientists Discover Reason Behind Ear Canal In Chinese Frog: Ultrasonic Communication

ScienceDaily: Scientists Discover Reason Behind Ear Canal In Chinese Frog: Ultrasonic Communication Amolops tormotus, also referred to as the concave-eared torrent frog, is the first non-mammalian species found to be capable of producing and detecting ultrasounds for communication, much like dolphins, bats, and some rodents. It does so, the researchers report, to make itself heard… Read More »

Willard R. Elsberry, FTBA Hall of Fame

From the Lake City Journal, Feb. 25th, 2006: The [Florida Transportation Builders Association] Hall of Fame has been established to honor, preserve and perpetuate the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of individuals who have brought and continue to bring significant recognition to the state of Florida in the field of transportation construction. […] Willard R. Elsberry… Read More »

Ark or Arc?

Porcher Taylor practices what he calls “satellite archaeology”. In the news over at CNN is Taylor’s highest-profile work, an analysis of what is billed as an anomaly on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Nevertheless, the anomaly may not be a ridge line of ice, snow and possibly rock, but an artificial ridge line, Taylor said. “I… Read More »

Reading the Week’s News in Antievolution

I read Glenn Branch’s weekly NCSE news update and a Panda’s Thumb post by Steve Reuland on who got threatened in South Carolina (n.b., not the antievolutionists) in this podcast. I’ll append Branch’s new update. Steve’s post is here.

News in Science

A study finds that humans differ from chimps mostly in regulatory genes, confirming a thrity-year-old hypothesis. They looked at some 1,056 genes in this study across humans and several other primates, and found 60 percent of these had consistent expression levels across all the species. Some 19 genes were found to have significantly different expression… Read More »

“Evolution Rocks”

Sam Blackwood sent me this link. It goes to a page giving the lyrics to a song, “Evolution Rocks”, by “Overman”. A media player in my browser also automatically downloaded and played the song. Check it out.

Learning by Test

I’m gifted on test-taking. It’s one of the things that made me stand out in my academic studies. I scored high on the standardized tests. I think the valedictorian at my high school ended up with a higher score, but then he also took the SAT three times to get there. I was satisified with… Read More »

Cough, Cough, Ouch, Ouch

The cold may be resolving itself, but various other issues are popping up. I started having abdominal pain yesterday. I was thinking about whether to trundle myself off to the emergency room, but I called an advice nurse at Kaiser, described my symptoms, and she said that they’d arrange a doctor’s appointment. So I went… Read More »