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Fuller: Never Say Nevermore

Steve Fuller, persevering exponent of “affirmative action” for “intelligent design” creationism, really let loose in his anti-eulogy for the recently deceased Norman Levitt. You have to read the comments over there, though they tend to be considerably blunter than I would be comfortable making. I did end up leaving a comment there, though. I got… Read More »

Trouble at Butler U.

“Academic politics is much more vicious than real politics. We think it’s because the stakes are so small.” — various The administration at Butler University has been having trouble with the Zimmermans. Prof. Michael Zimmerman of the Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend has a new contract… one that does not have him serving as… Read More »

“The Daily Show” Chides CNN

The Huffington Post has an article up concerning fact-checking. Saturday Night Live had a sketch where someone playing the role of President Obama claimed that he couldn’t have been bad for the country as rightwingers claimed, since he had actually done nothing while in office. CNN then did a story about fact-checking the SNL skit.… Read More »

“If You Get Too Churchy, She’ll Tell You”

That’s the headline on small story in the St. Petersburg Times, talking about Tampa City Council member Linda Saul-Sena. Saul-Sena has told various and sundry people giving invocations before the council if they stray into inappropriate sectarian territory. Apparently this doesn’t sit well with Jim Crew of the City Clerk’s office, who complained about those… Read More »

Expert Witness and Manuscript

Over at the Chronicle of Higher Education, they have an article about a lawsuit between Robert N. Proctor and the tobacco industry. The details are scanty in the part of the article that is not behind the subscription barrier, but Proctor serves as an expert witness in cases dealing with the tobacco industry. His opponents… Read More »

Gun Possession and Assault With a Firearm: Risky Stuff — Or Not?

Over at Greg Laden’s blog, he has notice of a study done via epidemiological procedures to look at the relationship between injury and gun possession. The paper is titled “Investigating the Link Between Gun Possession and Gun Assault “. Source: Branas, C., Richmond, T., Culhane, D., Ten Have, T., & Wiebe, D. (2009). Investigating the… Read More »