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Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon has been looking for more ways to market content, and they’ve come up with one. Amazon’s Kindle is a device that provides e-book content, but goes one step further: instead of cartridges or downloads to your PC that have to be transferred to your Kindle device, Kindle comes with its own wireless connectivity. This… Read More »

Curse of the Blue Streak

I mentioned in a previous post that we picked up a bunch of quail for training our Hungarian pointer (Vizsla), Ritka. Yesterday, Diane went out to the bird house we have for quail, chukar, and pigeons to collect a couple of quail. She discovered that an extra bird had gotten into the house, presumably through… Read More »

Remembering Rosalind Franklin

I heard a snippet on the radio, by Garrison Keillor if I heard it correctly, discussing an event leading to the discovery of the structure of DNA. The story is familiar, with Watson and Crick having been provided with data, specifically Rosalind Franklin’s photograph 51, that permitted them to leap ahead in the race to… Read More »

Frank Hagan’s Point

Check out Quote Mining Examples. That’s a follow-up comment to a post about a documented quote mine by the Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin. Hagan simply cannot overlook the fact that antievolution materials and antievolution advocates often do not tell the truth. Its uncomfortable agreeing with the strident atheists and hostile agnostics, and they… Read More »

AP Story on Myers is Just Right

There’s an Associated Press story hitting the papers about the “Expelled” producers excluding PZ Myers from a screening of a film he appears in and is thanked in the credits for. It’s a filler-size article, just right for one of those human-interest columns many newspapers put together. It is written at about an sixth-grade reading… Read More »

A Friday Night Outing

Spring has arrived on the calendar. Here in Michigan, what arrived was a heavy snowstorm dropping about four inches of new snow on things. Ed Brayton came to Lansing this evening for a performance by a friend of his, Don Reese. I got invited to tag along. We met for dinner at “Smokey Bones” at… Read More »

Expelled from “Expelled”

This is pretty much a placeholder for a huge developing story. PZ Myers of Pharyngula went to an advance screening of “Expelled”, only to be spotted by a producer and disinvited, via armed security guards, on the spot. Richard Dawkins was there as PZ’s guest and was not challenged at the entry. At the question… Read More »

Florida: The Hypocrisy of the “Academic Irresponsibility” Advocates

Michael Mayo’s column in the Orlando Sun-Sentinel points out a basic problem with the “academic freedom”/”academic irresponsibility” bills in the Florida legislature: why is there only proposed “freedom” for teachers on one topic? “This protects the freedom of speech for teachers in the classroom,” Hays said. “I want teachers to be able to show those… Read More »

Florida: Thank You, Mr. Steele

Mr. Jason Steele, candidate for the Florida legislature, made a response to a Florida Today editorial. Mr. Steele went so far as issuing a press release to expound his views. Florida Today has printed an opinion stating the ultrasound is an ideological “ploy” in an effort to block a woman’s right to choose. In the… Read More »

Mac OS X Leopard

I’m using a MacBook Pro laptop as my primary development platform for work. The project has sprung for the OS upgrade to the new-ish release of Mac OS X, version 10.5.1, or “Leopard”. So today I identified a hard disk I could erase, plugged it into an external USB case, hooked that up to the… Read More »

Florida: Luskin Lets Cat Out of Bag

Marc Caputo at the Miami Herald noticed something in a press conference featuring actor Ben Stein and Discovery Institute spokesperson Casey Luskin. It had to do with what, precisely, could be taught as protected speech under bills currently filed in the Florida legislature if they became law. The religiously tinged evolution-questioning theory of Intelligent Design… Read More »

“Expelled” Exposed Website

The National Center for Science Education has a new website, Expelled Exposed, that will serve as a response to the claims made by the antievolutionists in the “Expelled” movie coming out in April. Right now it is pretty sparse, but once the movie is released expect a lot more content.

Is There Something About Golf?

CBS Sports reports that Tripp Isenhour is being charged with killing a red-shouldered hawk on a golf course. Apparently, the hawk was making noise while Isenhour was trying to perform for a video production. It took shot after shot for a while, but Isenhour finally managed to bean the hawk in the head with a… Read More »

City Government as a Blunt Weapon

What’s up with Littleton, Colorado? Here’s the contents of an email from a person who does — or did — dog rescue when Littleton decided to declare war on multiple pets. Visit Attleson Dog Defense to get contact information for Littleton city officials. Below is an email from a long time friend of mine who… Read More »