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Rest and Recuperation, #5

Thursday, April 29th, was uneventful. My appetite does appear to be returning gradually. There is some stiffness in the abdomen on rising that is unconfortable. I was able to do a bit more work on the computer during the day. I still don’t thermoregulate well. I have to take off or put on a sweatshirt… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #4

I’m still on a trend of gradual improvement. Wednesday, April 28th, marked a longer time spent awake during the day, more food intake, and two walks, each twice around the cul-de-sac. I was able to do some work from home in the morning via computer and Internet. Diane’s brother, Joe, and his wife, Angela, came… Read More »

Humor on eBay

It’s a sale of a wedding dress… It’s a rant about ex-wives from the ninth circle of hell… it’s a tattooed gent being the model for the dress… it’s at $31,900 and 10 hours left to go, and over 2,000,000 hits on the counter. Check it out. Expect a made-for-TV movie to appear next season.… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #3

Tuesday, April 27th, marked more incremental improvement in my appetite and my ability to off-gas the upper GI tract. I took a walk around the cul-de-sac our house is on with Diane after breakfast. I was able to function enough to solder connections for a couple of speakers. I had a mid-morning nap and a… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #2

Monday, April 26th, marked some slow improvement. I’m able to eat more at a sitting than before, and I think I’m getting better at relieving gas pressure in the upper GI tract. I was able to sit at the computer for an hour or so at a time. I think I’ll note here my weight… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #1

Saturday, April 24th, I got home from the hospital. That evening, I threw up a small amount of clear liquid and a rather larger amount of gas. Gas in the upper GI tract appears to be my particular bugaboo for recuperation. I never learned how to effectively belch or burp, so my body seems to… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, #7

I’m at home now. The discharge process started at 10 AM, and I actually exited the hospital around 3 PM. Diane and her mother, Marguerite, came to pick me up. No stooping, bending, or lifting for 3 weeks. No driving in that time, either. I got instructions on diet and care of my ileostomy. Now… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, #6

My condition continues to improve. I went on an ileostomy diet on Friday, April 23rd. This diet has soft solid foods. I seem to be tolerating the amount of food I’m eating, though there is some discomfort. My surgeon indicated that if I continued like this, I might be discharged Saturday or Sunday. I think… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, #5

I was tested late Wednesday, April 21st, on the amount of liquid being retained in my stomach, as an indication of whether it was safe to begin allowing me nutrition by mouth. I passed the tests, so on Thursday morning, April 22nd, my NG tube was taken out. My surgeon said that I could take… Read More »

An Overview of My Experiences with Photography

I think I was twelve when my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic camera and some film. I don’t recall having any great fascination with getting snapshots then. In high school in my sophomore year, Ms. Schick asked me to stay after school for a bit. What followed was a bit of a surprise. She… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, #4

The rest of Tuesday, April 20th, passed uneventfully. Diane came by, and Genie Scott visited, leaving some magazines and DVDs. I was cut back to one cup of ice chips per shift. I watched “Quest For Fire” which Genie had brought, that I had not seen before. This was a flick concerning encounters between prehistoric… Read More »

An Introduction to Testing the Hearing of Marine Mammals

For several years of my Ph.D. studies, I was part of research into marine mammal hearing and biosonar. My introduction to these was pretty much the “immersion” sort of experience: I spent two and a half months on San Clemente Island assisting in data collection and analysis for a study on the hearing of white… Read More »

“Intelligent Design” Polemics Examined

Some time ago, an Insight article by Stephen Goode quoted ID advocate and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow William A. Dembski as saying that biologists opposed to “intelligent design” were like the repressive former Soviet regime. Knowing something of the history of science under Soviet rule, I knew that the actual lessons of history were being… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, #3

Monday, April 19th, passed uneventfully, and Tuesday, April 20th, so far has done the same. I pretty much stopped using the morphine for pain relief, since it apparently also was slowing down the recovery of my guts. I can still request pain relief specifically, which depends on the speediness of the nurse in delay between… Read More »

Harris’s Hawks I Know

OGeorge put a request in comments that I say something about the Harris’s hawks in the blog banner. When saying anything about falconry, it’s best to state up front that all this activity occurs under state and federal supervision and permitting. Diane and I hold master’s falconry licenses through California state and report to the… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization, cont’d

The past few days have been challenging. On Saturday, April 17th, I was put on a clear liquid diet to start things off. I think I started off too fast on this, though, for I experienced a lot of gas, bloating, and associated discomfort. By the morning of Sunday, April 18th, it was clear that… Read More »

Adventures in Hospitalization

Up until April 5th, 2004, I had never been admitted as a patient to a hospital. There were several instances where I have had to use the emergency room, but never a following admission. That changed with this latest flareup of my Crohn’s condition. I was in severe pain, unable to eat and unable to… Read More »

First News from the Mews

I’ve started my personal weblog here near the bottom of things. On Tuesday, April 13th, 2004, I had major surgery removing a perforated colon. My colon was compromised by a couple of decades of “inflammatory bowel disease”; my most recent diagnoses and treatment were based on it being “Crohn’s disease”. The surgery was successful. However,… Read More »