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Selling Sharks a Sacrament for Shady Suck-up

Independent Online Edition > Crime A Unification Church pastor from the United Kingdom was eager to score points with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, his cult leader. His chosen method? Illegally sell leopard shark pups, to the tune of about $1.2 million of business over 10 years. Apparently Moon thinks fishing is just the thing for… Read More »

Jones, Luskin, and Text

Casey Luskin has responded to my earlier bit about his equivocation, saying he is closing the debate. Not hardly, Casey. Let’s look at his latest reply… Response to Wesley Elsberry Wesley Elsberry attacks me as if I implied the study applies to the entire Kitzmiller ruling. Casey’s reasoning before was based on citing a ruling… Read More »

Misconstruing Evolution Sunday

Yale Daily News – Evolution Sunday not so benign Here we have Jonathan Dudley filling in some column-inches in the Yale Daily News. Now, blathering on for a certain number of words is a time-honored tradition in print journalism. Nowadays, those bits get transferred to the Internet. And that is where the linked article comes… Read More »

The US Navy and the MMPA

For years, conservation groups and the US Navy have been involved in an intricate dance concerning the application of provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) to Navy activities. The goal of the conservationists has been to get the Navy to agree to restrictions on its acitivities as the MMPA would do for any… Read More »

New Means of Getting About

We got ourselves a tow vehicle today. Diane has been spending a lot of her time on studying information about late-model tow vehicles to come up with the short list of suitable brands and models capable of towing our trailer when it is loaded. That meant that we were either getting a pickup truck or… Read More »

Evolutionary Paths

OK, it took me a while to notice this paper: Evolutionary Paths Underlying Flower Color Variation in Antirrhinum Annabel C. Whibley,1* Nicolas B. Langlade,1* Christophe Andalo,2 Andrew I. Hanna,3 Andrew Bangham,3 Christophe Thébaud,2 Enrico Coen Science 18 August 2006: Vol. 313. no. 5789, pp. 963 – 966 DOI: 10.1126/science.1129161 To understand evolutionary paths connecting diverse… Read More »

I Told You So

Ed Brayton has a post up about Alberto Gonzales’s casual denial of the Constitution of the United States. Given that Gonzales’s job is supposed to be enforcement of provisions of this document, I think it is clear that the fellow has no business filling this position, and should be turned out ASAP. I did call… Read More »

Hovinds to be sentenced today

Hovinds to be sentenced today | The article notes that Kent and Jo Hovind are scheduled to be sentenced today following their felony convictions on 58 and 44 counts of tax evasion and other charges, respectively. A federal clerk said Thursday U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers will sentence the Hovinds at 9 a.m. today.… Read More »

The Linguist Fish — Unexpectedly Popular

Surprisingly enough, one of the special request designs appears to be the most popular item on my Evolving Designs Cafepress site. It’s the “Linguist Fish“, which is selling as a value T-shirt and on various sorts of stickers. I’ve just added a version for dark T-shirts, so everyone who thinks that black or dark T-shirts… Read More »

Traveling Stuff, Part 1

We’ve decided to reduce our household belongings down to what will fit into our travel trailer and vehicles. I say “vehicles” though at the moment we only have one vehicle, our 1994 Buick 4-door sedan. Our 1997 Ford E-250 van packed it in early in the year, and we have been looking for a replacement… Read More »

More About Where I’m Headed

I’ve gotten confirmation that all the paperwork is in order, so I’m clearing things out of my office at the National Center for Science Education in preparation for a one-year leave-of-absence. Where I am headed is Michigan State University where my new position is as a Visiting Research Associate in the Lyman Briggs School of… Read More »

Good News Out of Kansas – Kansas Board of Education Moving Fast to Rewrite Anti-Evolution Teaching Curriculum A new majority on the state school board is moving more quickly than anticipated to rewrite anti-evolution science standards adopted less than two years ago. The board decided Tuesday to put the science standards on its agenda later in the day, a… Read More »

It’s Great to Be a Florida Gator…

Having the football team win the national championship game 41-14 is a nice bonus. Toni called us saying that she had bet on OSU with her husband, and OSU was going down 34-14 at that point. I had a nice chat with my dad after the game. I had to pick up bits from written… Read More »