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Weird Claim About CES 2014

The “DayTime” show had a segment on CES with Paul Hochman, Tech Journalist (it said so in the onscreen text). Asked what was different this year, Hochman said that electronics in cars was big this year, and that cars were basically non-existent at CES going back five or six years. Say what? I’ve been intermittently… Read More »

Raspberry Pi On Its Way

I got email from Newark today saying that they had shipped my Raspberry Pi. I should get it this week. They also sent an invoice, having charged my credit card. The item itself is $35.00, shipping is $5.00, and tax is $2.28, for a total of $42.28. Way back in early March, I called Newark… Read More »

Canon Loyalty Program 2011/02/22

I have owned several Canon digital cameras in the point-and-shoot through prosumer range. Something Canon has offered for a long time is the Canon Loyalty Program. This allows one to obtain a refurbished Canon digital camera at a discounted price when one trades in a Canon digital camera. Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck finding… Read More »

Looking Back at CES 2011

I attended the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. Lots of articles are out there concerning the general tenor of the thing and the hot topics. In summary, the show is still The Big Thing for the consumer electronics industry, with upwards of 130,000 attendees. The exhibitors are thinking that mobile… Read More »