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A Brief Monty Hall Problem Digression

At lunch at the Spoonbill Bowl on Saturday, I was privileged to volunteer with a group of students, faculty, and researchers. It was a long day. Lunch was provided, and I got to sit down with a colleague and a couple of faculty members from USF St. Petersburg. One of them posed a brain-teaser question.… Read More »

Critical Analysis, Critically Analyzed

Dr. Eugenie Scott is giving a public talk Thursday, February 9, 2012, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The topic is on the “critical analysis” legislative efforts that have popped up in Florida, and how these are part and parcel of the creationism movement. The location is FAH 101 and the time for… Read More »

No One Expects the Comparative Anatomist

Upcoming television series on PBS: Inside Nature’s Giants, begins January 18th at 10 PM. Professor Joy Reidenberg is an unlikely TV star. She’s a comparative anatomist with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Physically, she is diminutive, dark-haired and dark-eyed, and not the sort of slender sylph in morphotype that TV producers… Read More »

Nationals of the National Ocean Science Bowl

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership’s National Ocean Science Bowl is holding its national competition this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida at the USF/St. Pete campus and FWRI. There is round robin competition on Saturday, then the finals will use a double-elimination tournament schedule that finishes up on Sunday. I’m signed up as a moderator in… Read More »

Spoonbill Bowl on March 6th, 2010

The regional National Ocean Sciences Bowl, the Spoonbill Bowl, happens this next Saturday, March 6th, 2010. The location is at the USF Marine Sciences and Fish and Wildlife Institute (100 SE 8th Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida 33701). It gets going pretty early in the morning. This is a quiz competition with each game pitting two… Read More »

Ray Comfort Parades His Ignorance

At US News and World Report, Ray Comfort has responded to Dr. Eugenie Scott’s critique of the bowdlerized version of the Origin of Species that he is planning to distribute starting this year. And among other pieces of inherited religious antievolution anti-information, Comfort fires what he mistakenly seems to believe is a broadside: Scott quoted… Read More »

Out of the Ashes?

Philip Clayton at “Religion Dispatches” has a post up about evolution/creationism issues and the yin/yang of the classes of antievolutionists and new atheists who agree that one must choose between religion and science, but just disagree on which way to jump. There’s a brief mention of “non-overlapping magisteria” (NOMA) (with a disclaimer that it isn’t… Read More »

Prototypes and Archetypes

I went over to Wikipedia earlier this evening, hoping to find out what major University of Florida football quarterback Tim Tebow was graduating in. I didn’t find that out, but I did run across this sentence there: One of the reasons he chose Florida was because of Meyer’s spread option offense, an offense for which… Read More »

Trouble at Butler U.

Academic politics is much more vicious than real politics. We think its because the stakes are so small. — various The administration at Butler University has been having trouble with the Zimmermans. Prof. Michael Zimmerman of the Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend has a new contract… one that does not have him serving as… Read More »

Discovery Institute: More Propaganda Misuse of “Academic Freedom”

The Discovery Institute, who told everybody for years that they should “wedge” “intelligent design” creationism into the public schools (and even went so far as repeatedly suggesting that various administrators and officials “follow the law” when referring to the vestiges of the failed Santorum Amendment buried in the “No Child Left Behind” conference report), are… Read More »

Why Your Neighbor Hates Evolution

Lansing Community College had an in-service day today with round-table discussions. Diane and I had volunteered to lead three such sessions, using the topic, “Why Does My Neighbor Hate Evolution?” The first session had a small group entirely composed of people who saw antievolution as a problem, but the second and third sessions included self-proclaimed… Read More »

Crowther Doing What the DI Pays Him For

Rob Crowther, Discovery Institute spokesperson, has an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun. Intelligent Design goes beyond biology and encompasses physics, chemistry and cosmology, as well. It is not creationism, nor was it developed to get around court rulings. Intelligent design is the Logos theology expressed in the idiom of information theory, or so asserts Dr.… Read More »