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The Worms Turn… and a Patient Recovers

A CNN report describes a motivated ulcerative colitis patient arranging for his own experimental treatment. Experimenting on yourself is frowned upon, but that patient persevered and is doing better. Meanwhile, the patient had gone on the internet and found an article in a medical journal by Dr. Joel Weinstock, chief of gastroenterology at Tufts University […]

Health Care in the News

There was a piece on NPR about balancing the budget and how Medicare alone is 12% of the federal budget, or $500B dollars. $500B dollars… that works out to about $16,000 dollars per US citizen per year. [I apparently entered an extra 0 plugging that into the calculator, which brings the calculated figure down to […]

Comment on Swank Antievolution

I left a comment to the opinion letter of a Greg Swank, M.D.. Dr. Swank gave a Gish Gallop and finished up with argument from authority. My background is in the medical field and I find it interesting that from a science background I am defending Intelligent Design as a scientific probability, while Rev. Ward […]

CoverFlorida Health Care

Last year, the CoverFlorida Health Care program got started. This is essentially group insurance for the Florida uninsured pool, organized by (but not paid for by) the state of Florida. Governor Charlie Crist says the following on the CoverFlorida website: During the 2008 legislative session, my administration worked with legislators of both parties to secure […]

Medical and Journalistic Shading

Marcia Angell has an article in the New York Review of Books that considers three books touching upon modern medicine and unseemly links to corporate pharmaceutical companies. Angell takes up various problems, but I was intrigued when she got around to how companies now control research, sometimes shading a negative experimental result in a way […]

Dave Barry’s Colonoscopy Journal

A friend of mine emailed me one of those humorous things, this time it was Dave Barry’s article on the experience of having a colonoscopy. Apparently, everybody posts these all over the place; go have a read at the link if not a few hundred other webpages with the essay. I tried to read it […]

World first: researchers develop completely automated anesthesia system

World first: researchers develop completely automated anesthesia system My first science-related full-time job was in the Anesthesiology Department of the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. My job required me to be at the continuing education lecture series the department held, those starting promptly at 7 AM each weekday. While I didn’t have […]