US Air Force Museum

A few panoramic collages from our visit last week to the US AIr Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio…

A wind tunnel from the early 1900s takes center place amidst a balloon and WWI Fokker triplane.

pano wind tunnel wre 4808 rs wre 4819 ws

There is a hangar inside Wright-Patterson devoted to experimental military aircraft. The same side of the hangar is seen on far left and far right.

pano af exp wre 4903 rs wre 4919 ws

The Valkyrie experimental plane just barely fits in the hangar from front to back.

usafm valkyrie wre 5036 rs wre 5057 rs ws

Here is a reconstruction of a rectilinear view of an AFTI F-16 where all the images had to be taken from within four feet or so of the wingtip.

usafm f16 rect hi wre 5011 rs wre 5014 rs ws

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2 thoughts on “US Air Force Museum

  • 2008/05/22 at 1:16 pm

    I love that museum. I went there several times when I lived in Ohio, but it has been at least 10 years since my visit. The last few times I have been through Dayton, it was too late in the day to visit. I may need to just set aside a day to go.

  • 2008/05/25 at 9:16 pm

    All very cool. But conspicuously absent are any remains from alien crash retrievals.

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