A Prime Anniversary

Diane and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary yesterday. Well, “celebrated” may be a bit presumptious a word, but we did at least spend the day in each other’s company.

For most of the day, we were at the AKC agility trial being hosted by the Kalamazoo Kennel Club. We ran Ritka in two novice classes on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, Ritka got two qualifying scores, while on Saturday, my run with Ritka went overlong, and did not qualify. Diane’s run on Saturday, in the Standard Novice course, did qualify, where several of the previous runners had to be led off the course due to issues with refusals or off-course violations.

After Diane’s run, we hurriedly packed up the trailer and got on the road for home. On Friday, we had received an invitation to a spur-of-the-moment game night to be held at Charles Ofria’s house Saturday evening. We made the party only about twenty minutes after the indicated start time.

We introduced Charles and Kaban to GenAbacab, an operant conditioning game designed to improve training techniques. They noted a certain similarity to Zendo, which we weren’t familiar with. While most of the crowd engaged in an evening-long game of Zombies!!! Director’s Cut Game, Diane and I played Coloretto Card Game by Rio Grande Games with Charles, Keron, and Kaban. Bess watched over the gaming while reading a Wodehouse “Jeeves and Wooster” anthology. We finished up the evening with a hand of Fluxx Version 3.1, which Bess joined in, while Keron went off to observe the Zombies!!! goings-on.

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  • 2007/06/24 at 12:47 pm

    Congratulations! (But don’t forget you have to finish your tour of the Creation Museum.)


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