14 thoughts on “Visit to the Creation Museum, Part 1

  1. sparc

    “Dragon’s Liar” bookstore might have been mor appropriate.

  2. RBH

    The unidentified girl with Prof SS is Amy Hunt, Art’s daughter.

  3. Ichthyic

    definetly looking forward to the complete scoop.

  4. Ichthyic

    Off to the right, there is “Noah’s Cafe”

    no “Adam’s Ribs”?

  5. Amy Hunt

    The other ?? (the girl in red holding Prof Steve Steve) would be me, Amy Hunt, Art’s daughter :) I had to tag along, of course.

  6. Art

    The ???, the person with Professor Steve Steve, is Amy Hunt.

  7. Peter

    I also want much more. I’m eager to take the mind-numbing tour myself.

  8. Austringer Post author

    I’m dealing with some computer issues at home. I want to take up some information through pictures, so that is definitely coming.

  9. RoaldFalcon

    While AiG advances the notion that carnivory did not begin until after the Fall of Adam, one would think that by the time there were children not specifically identified in the bible that carnivory would be an issue. As I pointed out to Kay Hoppe at one point, expecting consistency will lead to disappointment.

    The Bible says that carnivory began with the flood, not the fall. Genesis 9:3

  10. Austringer Post author

    No, that’s the point at which you interpret the bible to say that carnivory started. That would correspond to AiG’s stance.

    Genesis 3:14 says that the serpent is cursed above livestock and wild animals. Genesis 4:2 introduces Abel as someone who kept flocks. Genesis 4:4 has Abel sacrificing “fat portions” of the firstborn of his flock. There’s not much point in “keeping” livestock that is at no risk of predation. You also don’t develop knowledge of butchery of livestock if all you raise them for is milk, wool, and other such by-products.

    God’s instructions to Noah refer to different numbers to be taken of clean and unclean animals, a distinction that concerns dietary law. Genesis 9:3 is,

    Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

    “You” refers to Noah and his surviving band of humans. Nothing there about what the animals are getting up to, or had already been up to for some time.

    So, if one is taking cues about the onset of animal carnivory from the bible, one can either choose to pretend that discussion of what the humans are charged with applies to the rest of the animal kingdom, in which case the reference to “livestock” and “clean” animals already implies that they were meat pre-Flood, or you can claim that what humans are charged with doing does not apply to what the rest of the animals did, in which case there isn’t a convenient bible verse handy to tell you about the onset of carnivory, and the choice of when to say it started is completely arbitrary, and in AiG’s case, self-serving. Check out the perch carnivory fossil conundrum; there you have Ken Ham of AiG saying that the event that preserved the fossil of predation caught in the act is “consistent with” the Noachic Flood, yet it would show that carnivory did not hold off until after the Flood if that fossil was laid down during the Flood. The display at the AiG museum presenting that fossil is, predictably, far more wishy-washy in what it says. They try to imply that this fossil was due to post-Flood catastrophism, yet it seriously undercuts various other of their claims if the Flood is *not* responsible for pretty much the whole of the fossil record.

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