Florida: Thank You, Mr. Steele

Mr. Jason Steele, candidate for the Florida legislature, made a response to a Florida Today editorial. Mr. Steele went so far as issuing a press release to expound his views.

Florida Today has printed an opinion stating the ultrasound is an ideological “ploy” in an effort to block a woman’s right to choose. In the same editorial a number of issues that the editorial board has deemed “frivolous bills” such as insuring creationism is included in classrooms and a person’s right to bear arms was also labeled as “wasting time”.

“As a ‘social conservative’ it is my opinion that allowing for diverging ideas is the stuff this country was founded on. Creationism is a part of many individuals’ beliefs and the editorial staff should not fear this inclusion in the classroom. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right that does not only belong to the media but to the people as a whole,” said Mr. Steele.

Mr. Steele is a former legislator as well as a current candidate. I want to thank Mr. Steele for being so diligent in documenting that the current legislation on “academic freeedom” aka “academic irresponsibility” is well understood to have a religious purpose and not a secular one. This should be a particularly effective piece of evidence whenever one of the possible cases goes to court.

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