Campbell Wins in North Mason

Kitsap Sun Reports on John Angus Campbell Win in School Board Race

I guess that over the next couple of years we will get to see whether Campbell’s disclaimers concerning his being a Fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture were sincere.

Good luck, voters of North Mason; you may well need it.

And if it turns out that you end up needing more than luck, remember that the National Center for Science Education put in a lot of man-hours preparing to rebut Campbell in court back in 2005 when he was still supporting the Dover Area School District’s “intelligent design” policy. Help is, I’m sure, just a phone call away.

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Wesley R. Elsberry

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One thought on “Campbell Wins in North Mason

  • 2007/11/13 at 7:44 am

    This guy Campbell seems to be quite the poster boy for the New IDers, those that deny they are IDers at all, and are merely interested in the “critical analysis” of evolution. For some reason they never seem interested in critically analysing other sciences. Just another re-labelling of Creationism, and the dance goes on.

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