Templeton Foundation Says: Stance is misconstrued on ‘intelligent design’

Stance is misconstrued on ‘intelligent design’ – Los Angeles Times

The Templeton Foundation, the deep pockets people for science and religion studies, takes another step away from the putrefying corpse of the “intelligent design” creationism movement.

Pamela Thompson says in her letter to the LA Times:

We do not believe that the science underpinning the intelligent-design movement is sound, we do not support research or programs that deny large areas of well-documented scientific knowledge, and the foundation is a nonpolitical entity and does not engage in or support political movements.

The statement is probably overdone a bit. The Templeton Foundation got taken for a ride early on with the “intelligent design” creationism movement. They should have to guts to admit that they were wrong, and not try to act as though their support of the IDCM never happened, or only happened by accident.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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