The Kitzmiller Reunion

I was able to attend the one-year reunion of the Kitzmiller plaintiffs. Here are my favorites of pictures I took over the weekend. Look for Professor Steve Steve’s report on the Panda’s Thumb sometime soon.

Jeff and Laurie Lebo hosted before and after reunion discussions at their amazing guest house and beer can museum.

Laurie, Prof. Steve Steve, Nick Matzke, and Burt Humburg gather around the upstairs bar.

Several of the plaintiffs have framed their $1 settlement checks from the DASD, sometimes with clippings and photos:

Tammy Kitzmiller uses a hallway for her collection of trial memorabilia.

Vic Walczak of the Pennsylvania ACLU relaxes.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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  • 2007/11/14 at 11:27 am

    Much gratitude from eductation supporters like myself. I look forward to reading Laurie Lebo’s book in ’08.

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