Daily Archives: 2009/10/13

“If You Get Too Churchy, She’ll Tell You”

That’s the headline on small story in the St. Petersburg Times, talking about Tampa City Council member Linda Saul-Sena. Saul-Sena has told various and sundry people giving invocations before the council if they stray into inappropriate sectarian territory. Apparently this doesn’t sit well with Jim Crew of the City Clerk’s office, who complained about thoseā€¦ Read More »

Expert Witness and Manuscript

Over at the Chronicle of Higher Education, they have an article about a lawsuit between Robert N. Proctor and the tobacco industry. The details are scanty in the part of the article that is not behind the subscription barrier, but Proctor serves as an expert witness in cases dealing with the tobacco industry. His opponentsā€¦ Read More »