Ritka Update

Ritka, our 2 year old Vizsla pointer, is stable but still very ill.

Before picture:

dscf1863 ws

After picture:

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On Thursday, our vets in Concord decided that some procedures they thought Ritka needed for support were not available at their facility, but were part of what the clinic at UC Davis could do. They called and arranged for Ritka to be admitted to the Davis critical care facility. Diane drove Ritka up to Davis.

They did Doppler ultrasound to check blood flow in the kidneys and liver, and got a normal result. This is good news in that they didn’t find obvious blockages, which was one of the worries about Ritka’s condition.

So for the past couple of days, Ritka has continued to periodically throw up clear fluid with some blood. She is able to stand, walk, and go out and in. Her vitals don’t show the hypertension she had earlier, but there also hasn’t been any clear improvement on her platelet count. Ritka may recover, but she is still at a real risk of bleeding out from any injury, external or internal.

Diane is planning some more extensive descriptions of Ritka’s story, so I will point to her weblog when those go up.

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2 thoughts on “Ritka Update

  • 2006/08/19 at 4:45 pm

    She is a beautiful dog. Do continue to keep us posted.

  • 2006/08/20 at 5:27 am

    Diane now has several more detailed posts up about Ritka’s condition at BayWing.

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