Dr. Bill Lucas: Pwned

OK, you have to check out the account of an on-the-spot takedown of antievolutionist Bill Lucas, Ph.D., in the Q&A session following a talk. “Silkworm” reports taking Lucas to task over bad geology, false claims of peer-reviewed presentations, and false credentials.

“Silkworm” reports being scolded by an attendee, twice, for not being “nice”. Well, it is tough to be nice while still making it clear that someone is up to no good.

There is something to note about this account, though. “Silkworm” was able to make the points he did because he spent a significant amount of time in preparation. He corresponded with a AAAS conference organizer multiple times about the claim that Lucas made a peer-reviewed presentation at a AAAS conference. He checked out the credentials on a resume’ for Lucas on the Common Sense Science website to find that a claimed professorship was fictitious. Because of this, he was able to confront Lucas from the floor and challenge him forcefully on these points. When considering either making a challenge from the floor or engaging an anti-science advocate on stage, one should take “Silkworm”‘s example to heart and be prepared.

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