My sister, Emily Kay, is visiting on her way back to Australia. Today, we went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a soup-and-salad place in Pleasant Hill. Then we headed to the theater in Concord to see “The Da Vinci Code”.

On the way there, we were making a left-hand turn and waiting for the green light. Ahead of us was a Dodge Crossfire car, all black. I’m sometimes amused by the names that marketing comes up with, so I asked Emily, “Why would a customer want to get into a Crossfire?”

Right on cue, the flat expanse of the rear of the Crossfire broke up, as a small metal panel tilted up and out, until it formed a tiny “spoiler” on the back. I figure it was maybe 18 to 20 inches in length, and perhaps 3.5 inches wide. It was about as cheesy a piece of meaningless and irrelevant ostentation I might be able to think of for a vehicle.

Both Emily and I laughed ourselves silly over that one.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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