Back from Visit

Diane and I are back from a visit with our friends from Florida, Tanya and John, who are travelling with their children, Paul (age 5) and Veronica (age 3).

We headed south on Sunday, pausing at the O’Neill Forebay Wildlife Area to take Rusty, Glamdring, Farli, and Ritka out to hunt for pheasant. Rusty did locate one and briefly had it in her talons, but it got loose and made good its escape.

We continued on in the dark to King’s Canyon. We stayed at the Snowline Lodge, a small facility currently being renovated. There were some issues with heating, but things worked out OK.

In two days, we visited Grant Grove, Hume Lake, Giant Forest, Moro Rock, and Stony Creek. When we visited Moro Rock, we were pretty effectively fogged in, so I have pictures of Moro Rock itself, but no stunning vistas, unless you happen to find a wall of fog stunning.

Pictures to be put up later…

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