Vizslas, Then Off to Pennsylvania

On Oct. 28th, Diane, Ritka, Farli and I went to the 2005 Vizsla Nationals Field Trials held out in the high desert to the west of Bakersfield. One of the people that we met was Scott Braley, who was providing the photographic services for the field trial. It turns out he’s a resident of Oakland, so we’re looking forward to meeting with him again sometime soon.
I gave a talk on Oct. 30th at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Bakersfield. Bakersfield is having its own incident concerning the school board and the teaching of “intelligent design”. I told them to look for a change in terminology, such that calls for “intelligent design” would likely turn into “teach the controversy” or “objective origins” or similar. The pastor, the Rev. Dr. Kimberley Willis, is also a signatory to the Clergy Project, a collection of 9,872 US clergy who hold that faith and the findings of science are compatible.
Diane visited with Tia, a dog owned by Shella Furman, a long-time friend of ours who now lives in Kentucky.
And, of course, Diane spent most of the time at the field trial on horseback. This horse is named Shadow, and apparently was one of the more difficult mounts that could be rented there.
On Nov. 1st, I was on my way to Pennsylvania. Here I am on a Southwest Airlines flight that, for once, was not sold out. Just about everyone on the flight could have had a block of three seats to themselves.
I used the opportunity to take some aerial images of the passing landscape five or six miles down.
Once I was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I got to meet up with some personalities. On the left you see Matthew Chapman, great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin, and on the right is Dr. Robert V. Gentry, physicist and young-earth creationist.
Dr. Gentry was holding a press conference to drum up interest in the talk he was giving that evening. The site of the press conference was in the state capitol building, under the rotunda. It’s an impressive location.
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  • 2005/11/16 at 9:55 am


    Can you post a copy of the talk you gave at the church? I’d be interested in seeing it.



  • 2008/01/08 at 9:45 pm

    Great Vizsla pics! For all the Vizsla lovers that visit your page, here’s a link to a Vizsla video on LinkedIn. Enjoy!

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