“I’m Not Darwin-Only” T-shirt

“I’m Not Darwin-Only; I’m Science-Only” T-shirt now available.

Evolutionary biologists haven’t been “Darwin-only” since…, well, actually, they’ve never been that way. Even when “On the Origin of Species” was first published, there were Lamarckians and folks who took Chambers’s “Vestiges” seriously. Reading Peter Bowler’s “Evolution: The History of an Idea” might help people who mouth “Darwin-only” as an erroneous imprecation. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t help them, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Being science-only means supporting the teaching of science in science classes, and keeping the non-science (such as the many labels for antievolution: SciCre, “intelligent design”, “evidence against evolution”, “teach the controversy”, etc.) out of science classes.

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