“Why Intelligent Design Fails” in its Second Printing

A few days ago, I received my author’s copy of Why Intelligent Design Fails (WIDF). This is an anthology published by Rutgers University Press on the topic of the claims made by “intelligent design” advocates.

While “intelligent design” advocates hold conferences and publish books, and at some conferences critics of “intelligent design” attend and present, there has been no hardcopy published proceedings of such a conference put together by the ID advocates that included the papers of critics. (There are some books that were jointly edited by ID advocates and critics, but those aren’t linked to any particular ID sponsored conference.) So the critics got together and published their own anthology. When “intelligent design” advocates talk about peer review, WIDF is the work that should follow off their tongues as a reference. It is the peer review of “intelligent design”.

Wesley R. Elsberry

Falconer. Interdisciplinary researcher: biology and computer science. Photographer. Husband. Christian. Activist.