Flu fading…

I’m happy to report that my flu symptoms have been diminishing over the course of Thursday. Now I just need to figure out getting to sleep. There was something making noise in the yard, so I had to check that out. It’s a bit foggy out. I didn’t find the proximate noise-maker, but away off to the west I could clearly hear the yips and howls of coyotes over on the Naval Weapons Test Station grounds. It’s a bit eerie standing in the dark and listening to that.

Diane tells me that she had a bit of a turn with coyotes this past weekend. She had Rusty and Glamdring out flying, and Farli and Ritka nosing around. There was a swampy area where she couldn’t see Ritka, but she could hear coyotes — and what sounded like a canid in distress. She said that this went on for about five very long minutes. Ritka then turned up, looking her usual happy self.

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