The Flu

OK, now I know why people took their chances of dying of exposure in lines last fall trying to get the flu vaccine. I didn’t get the vaccine then, and I came down with the flu this past Sunday.

In my case, I started off with a pounding headache, soon joined by fever. After two days of continuous headache, nausea and vomiting joined in. Today I got diarrhea, too.

I’ve only been able to take looking at the computer for a few minutes at a time. When the headache pain increases a notch, I know it is time to rest and relax, so far as I can.

This evening, I spent some time in between sleep and waking, where my brain noted, “Thinking in dreamworld — no pain. Thinking in reality — pain.” This week is turning out to be pretty unproductive.

That is, other than a couple of email messages I sent to Vincent Cassone at Texas A&M last Saturday, listing various online resources to get him better acquainted with the work of Michael Behe, whom he debated at A&M on Tuesday. See the Battalion article on the debate. It sounds like Cassone held his own with Behe, and I hope that what I sent helped him in part to prepare. Otherwise, I think this week is a write-off.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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