Catching Up

There are things that get put on the to-do list and just seem to stay there. I’m dealing with some of that because there really hasn’t been much spare time for me to apply to clearing some of those off the list. For example, I just tonight got around to dealing with about three administrative items related to the TalkOrigins Archive, and I know there are at least a couple more TOA-related things left on the list yet.

Despite the length of the to-do list, the weekend is pretty well fully scheduled with family activities. We’ve lived out of state for 23 years, so it is no surprise that we’re looking to do more with family now that we are living closer. I’ll be headed up to Gainesville Saturday with my dad to see the season-opener against “Charleston Southern”. OK, I admit it, I’d never heard of them. Apparently, CSU is a Southern Baptist-affiliated university in South Carolina. They’ve never played against UF before. It is a night game, so I’ll stay overnight in Lakeland and return to Clearwater sometime on Sunday. There’s a pool party on Monday that we’ve been invited to, which sounds like a fine way to spend Labor Day. I don’t know whether I will chip away any more off the to-do list, but I do expect to enjoy the weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  • 2009/09/22 at 7:00 pm

    You haven’t posted anything in a while; I assume you’ve been busy. I hope everything is okay. Do continue to fill us in on what’s happening.

  • 2009/09/23 at 8:07 pm

    There was the move, there’s the getting used to the new job, there’s house-hunting that still continues, and both Diane and I have already exercised our new medical insurance with a trip to the emergency room each and a day in the hospital for Diane. Mine follows from my old GI issues, and Diane had a bit of physical trauma. We should both get better with time. Diane remarked to me that even done up as she is, she’s likely in better shape for the long run. :-)

    I think I will be able to post more often once we have our own space. Not sure when that will happen, though.

  • 2009/09/23 at 8:28 pm

    Thanks for your response. I hope you both are okay. Best of luck to both of you and I hope you find a really good home soon.

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