Travel Day

My time in the DFW area is coming to an end. I head back to California this afternoon.

I had four presentations while visiting DFW, the SMU debate last Tuesday, a class at UTA last Thursday, a talk and dinner with the North Texas Skeptics on Saturday, and a talk at the First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Worth on Sunday.

On the server front, I was able to update some services on the older FreeBSD server and have a slice from a second disk mount as the “/var” partition, giving us more room for email for the moment.

Time to get packed now…

Update: I arrived home about three hours later than I had originally planned, but have a \$300 travel certificate from the airline for my trouble. I volunteered to take a later flight to correct for their overbooking. It went right down to the last minute as to whether I would board the plane as originally planned or take the later flight. As I stood on the jetway just outside the plane waiting for the decision, a couple came down the jetway. They apparently were visiting from Belize, and their travel was not going smoothly. The overbooking must have had some dire consequences, because the woman started crying right there when they were told that they did not have seats for both of them, just one. Fortunately, the crew did figure out that they had two seats and got both of them aboard.

I was originally told that I would be getting a first class seat on the following flight. It turned out that a fellow that I had been talking with while awaiting the first flight had been on standby, but had bought a first class seat, so I ended up in coach just as I originally expected. They did give me a couple of coupons for free drinks by way of apology.

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