It’s the Economy…

Some time ago, I noted the poor economic prospects that await us if we neglect good science education or allow pseudo-science to be established as if it were science.

In a New York Times op-ed piece, “Bush Disarms, Unilaterally”, Thomas L. Friedman makes a similar point. Friedman notes that the Bush administration has made essentially no effort to enhance access to fast, reliable, cheap broadband in the USA. This is allowing other nations (Japan, Korea, China, and India are given special mention) to surpass the USA in availability of broadband Internet to households.

Economics is not like war. It can be win-win. But you need to be at a certain level to be able to claim your share of a global pie that is both expanding and becoming more complex. Tax cuts can’t solve every problem. This administration – which often seems more interested in indulging creationism than spurring creativity – is doing a very poor job of preparing the country for that next level.

Point taken here, at least.

Update: Other papers are picking up the Friedman op-ed, some without requiring a login:

International Herald Tribune

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