ISPs Have Large Pockets

How large a pocket do you need to stuff some $400 billion in collected, but not used for the stated purpose, taxes? The ISPs in the USA apparently have these extra-large pockets. Internet users have paid for faster, better broadband infrastructure, but haven’t gotten it.

Whenever someone tells you that private companies are more efficient and will be driven to make improvements due to free-market competition, point out this example where it is obvious that the private sector thinks it is far more efficient simply to give over taxpayer money to shareholders.

But I’ll note that at least part of that money has been spent. That would be the money spent in service of the ISPs’ ongoing efforts to get FCC Title II regulation rescinded. So when that happens and you start seeing the changes in costs and services, remember that you’ve helped pay to make that possible, too.

Wesley R. Elsberry

Falconer. Interdisciplinary researcher: biology and computer science. Data scientist in real estate and econometrics. Blogger. Speaker. Photographer. Husband. Christian. Activist.

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