Trump Campaign in the News: Get Shortey

Item #8 returned by Google Search for “Trump Campaign” this morning is this article about Ralph Shortey, former Trump campaign coordinator for Oklahoma, copping a plea deal on child sex trafficking, which resulted from Shortey offering to pay a 17-year-old male for “sexual stuff” and then meeting the boy at a motel. Police apprehended Shortey there based on a tip from the boy’s girlfriend.

There is more detail in the Oklahoma news on this (though without notice of Shortey’s involvement in national politics). Note the timing. Shortey was found with his victim at a motel on March 9th of this year, and reports are that he met this contact via Craigslist “a year before”. The Oklahoma presidential primary date? 2016/03/01. Shortey also had specific email accounts for setting up such contacts, and the article mentions that by pleading guilty, Shortey is avoiding other charges, including multiple counts of child pornography. This seems to indicate an ongoing pattern of behavior rather than a one-off fling.

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