Life Moving On

May 9th – May 14th

Things have seemed hectic for someone as out of it as me. I’m sorry I’ve slipped on the updates lately. Anyway, this one covers a few days that have been pretty good for me. This means I haven’t spent quite as much time stuck on the sofa next to one computer or in a chair next to another, and thus have not been reminded as often to make a post.

As a reward for your patience, though, I have prepped some images to go with the text here.

I already mentioned the outing for a meal on May 9th. Above is a picture from that outing, with (from left to right) Mark Todd, me, Willard, and Margaret.

On the 10th, I had a longer walk with my parents. We went to the schoolyard that is just behind the back yard of the place we’re renting. Here is a view of the scenery:

And a view of my parents next to a nicely landscaped house in the neighborhood:

On the 11th, my parents and I had an outing up to Mount Diablo State Park.

This trip took a couple of hours. Fortunately, there were facilities up at the ranger’s station seven miles into the park.

The 12th was pretty uneventful. In coming off the prednisone, I’m doing a good deal more sleeping, almost like I’m catching up from all the sleep deprivation I had while on it.

On the 13th, my parents and I made a trip into Oakland to the National Center for Science Education, where they got to meet almost all the staff. We had a good visit there, then met with Diane for dinner at Fellini’s restaurant in Berkeley on University Avenue. Diane and I split a mushroom fettucine with grilled chicken dinner, and Willard and I split a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale.

The 14th was a good day. Willard and I had a long chat about things happening back in Lakeland, Florida. I had spaghetti leftovers for lunch, and a fresh batch of spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, by request. My parents leave early on the 15th, so there was some packing and preparations that they made. They also did another run to the grocery store and stocked up on various staples. My niece, JoAnn Robin, will be arriving on the 15th to help out.

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