Rest and Recuperation, #9

Friday, May 7th – Sunday, May 9th

Friday was the first full day my parents, Willard and Margaret, were here. I was a bit tired still from the activities of Thursday. Diane was off to Berkeley for more seminars. Glenn Branch and Nick Matzke dropped by in the afternoon to say hello and we chatted for a couple of hours. Dinner was spaghetti and meat sauce. We gave Margaret a bouquet of specialty cookies for Mother’s Day a little early (while the cookies were fresh) and a dozen chocolate chip cookies for Willard.

On Saturday, Diane had the dogs entered in a field trial in Rio Vista, so she was gone most of the day. With Willard’s help, I made a bit of progress in sorting through some of the old materials I had on artificial neural networks, setting aside proceedings and journals to go to the library, and other stuff for recycling. We had two walks, one after breakfast, and one in the afternoon, going down the street and a bit further.

On Sunday, breakfast was scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, grits, and sourdough toast. I think my appetite is almost back to normal. Had a bit of a nap around noon. Mark Todd dropped in for a visit, and we all went out to the “Fresh Choice” restaurant at the Sun Valley Mall for a late lunch or early dinner. I had a couple of the pasta choices from the salad bar and some other pasta. We did a bit of shopping in the mall afterward, and Mark headed off. This was the longest outing I’ve had so far since the surgery, and it worked out OK.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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2 thoughts on “Rest and Recuperation, #9

  • 2004/05/12 at 3:59 pm

    I am catching up on your adventure after having returned from Texas. I don’t see lots of comments but I am sure there are lots of folks reading about your experience. I took a look at your weight history but I am not yet willing to take on your diet system.


  • 2004/05/12 at 9:22 pm

    “GRITS” (I love ’em) Don’t tell Ed Brayton that he will
    learn to love them too. lol
    You have made great strides Wes. God bless you:-)

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