Prof. Steve Steve Visits; Dinner and a Mineral Show

Prof. Steve Steve finally stopped taking advantage of the hospitality of the Chicago contingent of the PT/AtBC community, arriving on my doorstep on Friday.

Prof. Steve Steve seems to have “Be Prepared” down pat.

Then we were off to dinner. Ed Brayton picked “Smokey Bones” in Lansing as the meeting place. Clockwise around the table, we have Prof. Steve Steve, a party-crashing cephalopod whose name I didn’t catch, Prof. Darwin, Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Diane Blackwood of, Prof. Rob Pennock of Michigan State University, and Prof. Jeff Shallit of the University of Waterloo and Recursivity.

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And even accidents can be interesting. Here’s a photo that clicked off that I didn’t know about until I offloaded the camera.

Jeff came to town to see the Detroit Mineral and Gem Show on Saturday in Warren, Michigan. I expressed an interest, so we set off to Warren on Saturday morning. Here are a very few of the things we saw there:

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One thought on “Prof. Steve Steve Visits; Dinner and a Mineral Show

  • 2007/10/14 at 6:49 pm

    Excellent report, thanks! The “break-out pictures were good, and the dinner looked like fun. I’m glad Professor Steve Steve and his new friends could travel with him. A BIG thanks should go out to ATBC’s richardtthughes, who gets all the credit for putting those two party animals together. I hope you didn’t have to bail our Professors Steve-Steve and Darwin out again… once they get going they are hard to stop. Just ask Bill Demsbksi and Michael Behe…

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