Desperation at MyLife?

Years ago, I set up a MyLife profile. Periodically, I get email from them noting that my profile has been searched, and that I should pony up some money so that they will tell me who actually visited my profile. Personally, I find “upgrade” come-ons a disincentive, plus FaceBook and other social networking sites have pretty much removed any remaining utility for sites like MyLife.

Well, I got another MyLife email a few days ago.

Subject: Does Lauri know you? She viewed your profile!

Hi Wesley,

1 NEW person has viewed your profile.

1. […], York Haven, PA

Upgrade to premium membership and see who!

Well, there’s no mystery in that about who they said visited my profile. I forwarded the message to Lauri Lebo to share in the obviousness of it. Lauri wrote me back to say that it has been years since she used MyLife to visit any profiles. So that “NEW” label they’ve provided in the MyLife email come-on appears to be entirely fictional. This appears to be another good reason to refuse to encourage them with “premium membership” funding.

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