Canon Loyalty Program 2011/02/22

I have owned several Canon digital cameras in the point-and-shoot through prosumer range. Something Canon has offered for a long time is the Canon Loyalty Program. This allows one to obtain a refurbished Canon digital camera at a discounted price when one trades in a Canon digital camera. Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck finding current offerings via Canon’s website. So a little while ago, I asked on the phone what refurbished cameras are currently available and at what price. I will provide the list in a table. I wanted to collect all the ancillary information, but my life is still pretty hectic now, so I’ll put up what I have and add to it as I get time (if I get time).

Camera model Price Remarks
SD1200 $87 CanonDirect price = $125.99, 10.0 MP, Image stabilization, 35-105mm (35mm equiv.), CHDK ready
SX120 $120 10.0 MP, 36-360mm (35mm equiv.),
G11 $260 Amazon price: $548.99, CHDK beta only
XS $320 w/18-55mm lens
7D $1088
T1i $480 w/18-55mm lens
T2i $576$511 (per comment) w/18-55mm lens
50D $665.99 w/28-85mm lens (not positive about the end of the zoom range)

To take advantage of the program, call Canon at 866-443-8002.

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One thought on “Canon Loyalty Program 2011/02/22

  • 2011/03/15 at 11:17 am

    Thank you so much!

    I called and ordered a T2i today. Today’s price was $511 for the kit.

    The lens with the 50D is the 28-135, same price.

    (I probably should have went for the 50D, but as this is my first DSLR, the fact that I have small hands, and thinking having the video would be nice…. went for the t2i. Someday I will upgrade. With that lens though…. oh well, I am happy. ) :)

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