Flunked, Not Expelled: Can’t Get Buzz? Offer More Kickbacks

The promoters for “Expelled” seem to be having difficulty convincing theaters to sign onto the regular distribution given the poor early reviews. Recent events have lifted traffic at ScienceBlogs far more than for their own movie site. Their answer to these distressing developments? Offer a kickback competition plan!

This new kickback scheme differs a bit from the old one. That one was offered to private schools and was fairly open-ended, though in the fine print one notes that the promoters have “limited” funds and will only pay out up to some nebulous, undisclosed amount in that kickback program. They are slow, but they are learning. This time, rather than offering something to all participants (modulo the “limited” funding), the new kickback system is a game where the promoters are offering a fixed number of fixed money prizes:

Fill out the information below to sign up for the Adopt-A-Theater campaign. We will help coordinate your group sale with the film distributors and theater chains based on group size, location, and availability. The top five largest groups to register and attend a screening will win $1000 each.

Yeah! A $5,000 pot is sure to help “Expelled” beat out “Fahrenheit 9/11” in opening week statistics! Or not.

One wonders if that sort of thing is even legal in all fifty states.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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