Florida: Final Public Meeting Underway, Part 5

Evolution and Hitler! Mein Kampf! Evolution kills people! Hitler’s belief in a master race based on evolution! [Which explains why Hitler expressed that in terms of a Creator and the order established of the Lord God in Mein Kampf, I guess. –WRE] Stalin! Moral consequences!


Matthew L???. College student. The revisions are long overdue. Science education at low priority. Behe! ???! Wells! Legitimate objections must be raised! Cambrian explosion! Irreducible complexity! The standards make no room for these objections! Miller-Urey experiment! No transitionals in the fossil record! Need to acknowledge these objections!


Avi Jain. AP calculus, AP physics teacher. Argue simply that language about evolution needs to be precise. All concepts in science are theories. Inductive vs. deductive reasoning. Science can only provide probability, therefore “theories”. Science creates theories, not laws. Newton’s law of gravity. Einstein challenged Newton’s concept of gravity. First law vs. Einstein. All concepts in science are provisional. Science requires observations.

Not sure how to class that one.


Pete Dunkelberg. “F” grade a motivator. Florida can get an “A” if we don’t mess up at the last minute. Can’t say teach faults or criticisms because there is nothing specific to state or test. Antievolution is a literature full of false claims and bad arguments. Dover trial. Florida could be the next Dover. Creationists will jump ship before trial. What’s left? Get behind the good new science standards. [Thanks, Pete!]


Robin Brown. [The head-shaking woman. — WRE] Zogby Poll: 71% says teach alternatives. “Master designer”… neither side can be answered with certainty. Teach both models and your critical thinking skills will be improved. “Dr.” Richard Bliss book! Dr. Parker and Dr. Gish! Recommend these books for supplemental use… includes “Of Pandas and People”.


Wesley R. Elsberry

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3 thoughts on “Florida: Final Public Meeting Underway, Part 5

  • 2008/02/11 at 11:34 am

    The sheer amount of already addressed, discredited B.S. being flung about is depressing.

    What’s up with the guy who’s acting like he’s on Meth or something? I wish he’d at least hold still while he’s not making sense.

  • 2008/02/11 at 11:35 am

    I didn’t get Jain either. He went on and on, but never got around to saying anything.

  • 2008/02/12 at 2:21 am

    Some of that was just weird, but I suppose any meeting where the public is invited has that kind of potential.

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