Florida: Final Public Meeting Underway, Part 3

Objects to “rigid structure” of standards. Claims the standards are antithetical to their purpose. Gould and punctuated equilibria as “short bursts”; something about billions of years. Why is priority given to some theories over others? Inconsistency is claimed.


Laurie Miller. Just a mom. Thanks for opportunity to speak. Board not available. Our points are being twisted. Called ignorant, stupid, twisted. Educate me, but educate me fully. If some findings do not support evolution, I want my children to know about them. Speaks the DI line nicely. “Blinders on” concerning evolution. So much controversy, just by tweaking some of the words in the standards, we can all win. [Antievolution-speak for “we win”. — WRE]


Agrees with many others. Won’t give facts or evidence; but science is based on facts, but evolution isn’t based on facts. Had the opportunity to hear both views. I was able to build a foundation on my beliefs. Can’t be successful without knowing where I stand. Students should hear both views. Evolution is another world-view. May have to pull here children out of the public school system.


Dr. James Conner. Physician. Macroevolution not supported by fossil record or molecular biology. It’s an atheist way of faith. “Lemon law” may be violated by Florida establishing atheist faith. [This guy is garbling the gibberish of David Gibbs. –WRE] “Intelligent design” thinking has led the way in scientific advances. Can’t we learn to appreciate each other’s point of view?


Dr. Christopher Parkinson. Bio prof at UCF. Not addressing teaching evolution in science. It is science, it is not a belief system. Science is about testing ideas again, that’s how change occurs. Have students coming in who don’t understand science and can’t think their way out of a paper bag. Evolution is Theory, like the Theory of Gravity. I can show it to you. Need to teach students this.


Don Blumhagen. Son pursuing engineering degree at UF. Standards say Bible is not true when it says the universe was not created in six days. Apple in hand: bitter or sweet? Can’t know because you haven’t tasted it. Literal 6-day creation! 12,000 creation scientists! No evidence for evolution! Basketball analogy. Can exclude things based on logic. Evolution theory is statistically impossible! People weren’t there! Examine intelligent design!

[Unclear… may have missed a change of speaker.]


Leaving England for religious freedom. Two interpretations. Proponents of ID have silently allowed evolution to be taught. Now you are mandating evolution. BOE will be as notorious as boards removing prayer from schools, Roe v. Wade, other moral fabric destroyers. Mandating evolution is irresponsible. “Top-notch” ID scientists. Sternberg!


Billy Stevens. Gap between board and citizens. Things going on behind the scenes? Concerned with evolution. Biased facts. Teach children how to think. [Not sure how antievolution does anything but teach children how not to think. –WRE] We’re representing the people. The popular stance is concern about teaching evolution as theory rather than fact. Natural selection, survival of the fittest; thus murder is OK. Morality issues! Evolution doesn’t give value to life or meaning to life!


Wesley R. Elsberry

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