Florida: Final Public Meeting Underway, Part 1

First, the webcast is here.

I’ve been trying to listen in as I’m taking care of Diane, who has something flu-like, so I’ve heard just parts of it. But there seemed to be a couple of state representatives at the start of the thing saying things that will be very interesting if the legislature takes up the science standards and adopts antievolution-friendly revisions.

So far, I’ve heard five antievolution speakers hacking up the same old argument hairballs as their long-ago intellectual forebears. There has been one pro-science speaker that I’ve heard.

This seems to coincide with my feeling that the daytime meeting would give a disproportionate voice to antievolutionists.

One amusing thing I’ve heard is bringing up a change in presentation of horse evolution as indicating that there is no evidence of evolution. The speaker ignores the fact that the prior chart mentioned was made in support of a disconfirmed theory, orthogenesis. Yeah, science changes; that’s an advantage.

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