Florida: New Blog at Palm Beach Post

The Palm Beach Post’s new weblog, “Extra Credit”, aims to cover issues in education, both K-12 and higher education. One of the current topics is the treatment of evolution — and absence of “alternatives” — in the new Florida science standards. Amidst various news stories telling of school board members and even Florida DoE employees taking up religiously motivated antievolution as a cause, the PBP blog has a story about two educators who support the new standards.

I found the story to be a bit on the cutesy side, but I did appreciate that the Florida media is picking up on reasonable people supporting the new standards.

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One thought on “Florida: New Blog at Palm Beach Post

  • 2008/01/08 at 12:01 pm

    All in all a good piece. It could have done without the “top banana” comment and the picture of Roddy McDowell in his Planet of the Apes make-up.

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