LA Times Science Files for 2007/05/29

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times.

    Array of new planets found, but none like ours

    HONOLULU – An international team of astronomers on Monday announced the discovery of 28 planets outside the solar system, the greatest single haul since the first so-called exoplanet was found 12 years ago. By John Johnson Jr., Times Staff Writer.

    Bill heats up talk of solar water systems

    The Assembly measure offers incentives for using the sun’s energy instead of gas or coal. Utilities fear they could lose millions of dollars. By Margot Roosevelt, Times Staff Writer.

    Wandering whales take turn for the better

    Humpback mother and calf travel about 24 miles and are two-thirds of the way home. Scientists are optimistic about their chances of survival. By Matt Lait, Times Staff Writer.

    Preserving semiconductor’s history, one bit at a time

    For seven years, retired semiconductor materials salesman Duane Wadsworth has been collecting industry memorabilia so that the origins of computing can be preserved for future generations. By Michelle Quinn, Times Staff Writer.

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