LA Times Science Files for 2007/05/22

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times.

    Diabetes drug Avandia boosts heart attack risk, study finds

    A widely prescribed drug to treat Type 2 diabetes substantially increases the risk of heart attacks and death from cardiovascular disease, according to a study released today that critics say questions the government’s ability to monitor drug safety. By Karen Kaplan and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Times Staff Writers.

    Aspiring abortion doctors drawn to embattled field

    Medical students cite defiance and conscience as a reason to choose the career. ‘It doesn’t matter what you believe if you don’t back it up with action,’ one says. By Stephanie Simon, Times Staff Writer.

    Landis expert calls lab results unreliable

    Implications that Tour de France winner Floyd Landis may have used testosterone to bolster his endurance or add a shot of aggressiveness late in the race were dismissed by an expert Monday. By Michael A. Hiltzik, Times Staff Writer.

    Whales linger on return toward sea

    SACRAMENTO – A pair of wayward humpback whales continued their improbable trek through the inland waterways of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta on Monday, pressing toward the Pacific before stalling out near a steel bridge 60 miles from the sea. By Eric Bailey, Times Staff Writer.

    Beauty in the misty moonlight

    Elusive moonbows have long graced Yosemite Falls. Now a team of astronomers can predict when they will occur. By Eric Bailey, Times Staff Writer.

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