LA Times Science Files for 2007/05/19

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times.

    Farm air pollution targeted

    California plans to enact the most costly pesticide regulation in state history as it cracks down on use of fumigants in farm fields to comply with a court-ordered deadline to combat smog. By Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer.

    As a carbon ‘sink,’ Southern Ocean may be plugged

    The Southern Ocean, a massive storehouse for carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is slowly losing its capacity to buffer the world from rising concentrations of the greenhouse gas, researchers reported Thursday. By Alan Zarembo, Times Staff Writer.

    First try fails to put lost whales back on course

    Scientists broadcast humpback sounds into the Sacramento-area shipping channel. By John M. Glionna and Steve Chawkins, Times Staff Writers.

    Two indicted in tortoise smuggling

    A Diamond Bar man allegedly sold the endangered reptiles shipped from Asia. By Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer.

    China’s additives on menu in U.S.

    It is the leading supplier of many ingredients in packaged food. Barring the imports is difficult. By Don Lee, Times Staff Writer.

    Edison wants ratepayers to fund study

    Southern California Edison wants to study how and where it could build the nation’s first advanced-technology “clean” coal power plant and Thursday asked the California Public Utilities Commission to require the utility’s customers to foot the $52-million bill. By Janet Wilson and Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writers.

    Saving the planet, one chord at a time

    Kevin Wall moves the fight against global warming to a worldwide concert stage. By Tina Daunt, Times Staff Writer.

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