Another Invidious Comparison

The “intelligent design” creationism (IDC) movement, having taken its shot in court and lost, apparently has nothing better to do than hurl imprecations. I’ve been collecting instances for several years now, and while I had a bit of a hiatus between my time in the hospital and dealing with the Kitzmiller case, the supply seems to be growing.

The latest instance comes from John West, recorded for posterity here.

John West Compares “Darwinists” to Cuban Communists

“Ironically, Dr. Gonzalez arrived in America as a child refugee from Castro’s Cuba. Unfortunately, he seems to have discovered that the Darwinist ideologues in America’s universities can be nearly as unforgiving as the Marxist ideologues of his home country.”


The thread’s purpose is to establish the existence of use of shady rhetoric by IDC advocates. So please do let me know if you have spotted such an instance that I don’t yet have in my collection.

Update: I just noticed Jeff Shallit’s post noting another recent instance, this one has IDC advocate Denyse O’Leary saying “Darwinists” are Nazi brownshirts… although, as Jeff Shallit points out, she didn’t actually know what the term “brownshirts” meant when she used it. But at least name-calling is something that Denyse O’Leary may aspire to do competently, at some future point.

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