LA Times Science Files 2007/05/08

    Team says it’s found Herod’s tomb

    Archeologists from Hebrew University say they have found the tomb of
    Herod the Great, the Roman client-king of Judea, after a 35-year search at the
    desert site where his palace once stood. By Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff

    They call it the superstar of supernovas

    Shining like a hay fire across a wide prairie, the brightest supernova
    ever recorded has been found in a galaxy 240 million light-years from Earth.
    By John Johnson Jr., Times Staff Writer.

    Drought a drain on flora, fauna

    Southern California is poised to experience its driest year on record in
    2000, and the signs of drought are everywhere. By Rong-Gong Lin II, Times
    Staff Writer.

    Chefs lobby D.C. to save wild salmon

    A national consumer campaign to save wild salmon will launch in Washington
    today, as about 200 chefs from restaurants in 33 states call on Congress to
    pass laws to restore river habitats and tear down massive hydroelectric dams
    that have decimated salmon species along the Pacific coast. By Margot
    Roosevelt, Times Staff Writer.

    Rebate rule chills sales of solar

    SACRAMENTO – California homeowners are rejecting new rebates for solar
    power equipment, saying the state has made installing the rooftop panels far
    more costly than expected. By Marc Lifsher, Times Staff Writer.

    Ruby will soon call sanctuary her new home

    Ruby, the female African elephant that the Los Angeles Zoo announced in
    March would retire to a sanctuary, is expected to travel to her new home next
    week. By Carla Hall, Times Staff Writer.

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