The Intelligent Design Awards(TM)

DMPC Announces the 2006 Winners of the Disease Management Intelligent Design Awards(TM)

Hat tip to Glenn Branch on this. Here is an organization that knows how to best put the shoddy reputation of the term “intelligent design” to good use:

The Disease Management Purchasing Consortium (DMPC), the most comprehensive source of information about the disease management industry, announced today the winners of the “2006 Disease Management (DM) Intelligent Design Awards,” given annually to those contributions which most set back the evolution of the disease management and wellness fields. Just as engineers say that more is learned from a single bridge which collapses than from 100 which stay up, there are serious lessons to be learned from these often-humorous failures.

Intelligent Design(TM) as a phrase synonymous with failure… seems apt to me.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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