A Great Riposte

Over on the “After the Bar Closes” forum, a fellow with the unlikely handle of “Occam’s Toothbrush” had a particularly good rejoinder to a bizarre claim from one of the “Uncommon Descent” sycophants.

The bizarre claim?

I have every reason to suspect that the Judge took a payoff from the ACLU.

And the response:

Of course. No honest, competent or sane judge would have ruled Dover like the lying, plagiarizing, activist, wacky Judge Jones. The UD pundits convince us beyond a doubt that the opinion was just bad, corrupt, awful law.

So, uh, how come none of these same people are arguing that the Dover policies should be enacted elsewhere, to bring about a similar lawsuit in a jurisdiction not presided over by such a leftist loony like Jones–the only judge in the world who would have ruled against it?

Because they know they’d lose anywhere. Easier to just play the martyr over Dover than actually do anything, since everything they try to do just turns to shit.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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