Celebrity dolphin ‘may have been chopped up’

Celebrity dolphin ‘may have been chopped up’

Over in the United Kingdom, bodies are turning up everywhere. There is a sicko who is going after the Ipswich prostitute population. And now somebody chopped up a bottlenose dolphin and left the remains for others to find.

Folks are concerned that the dolphin may have been one that was habituated to humans, known to the residents in the area as Marra. That would make sense, as a dolphin-chopper has a better opportunity of getting in close to a dolphin who thinks that humans are friendly than one that has no particular trust in humans.

The news report is pretty sad in its indictment of people in general, and not just the dolphin chopper in particular. Recent sightings of Marra said that there was bruising and injury, perhaps from the people that would drive their boats directly at the dolphin.

Update: The pathologists say that it is likely that the dead, cut-up dolphin was the local celebrity dolphin, Marra.

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