DFW, Here I Am

I flew Continental Airlines from Oakland to Dallas/FortWorth yesterday. Things went uneventfully, except perhaps for the spill somebody at the food court at Houston Intercontinental made that reached the bottom of my backpack before someone pointed out that it was getting wet. And so Marc and Chris picked me up from the airport and got me to Marc’s place.

I’m getting ready for some talks. There will be one on Tuesday evening at Southern Methodist University, where I will debate whether “intelligent design” should be taught in public schools. I will take the negative. The location is the theater of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center at SMU. The event will begin at 7PM. There is no admission charge and the event is open to the public. On Saturday, I will talk to the North Texas Skeptics on the outcome of the Kitzmiller case and what has happened since then. That will start at 2 PM at the Center for Community Cooperation in Dallas. That’s open to the public, too. There are a couple of additional bits that may work out; if so I will talk to a class at the University of Texas at Arlington on Thursday, and at a church in Arlington on Sunday.

So you may not hear much from me this week. We will see…

Update: The SMU debate was featured in the SMU Daily Campus.

Elsberry’s fifteen minute presentation was nothing but sheer rebuttal and refutation. Claming that ID “isn’t even a science,” the biologist stated that “anti-evolutionists have utilized political action to gain government support for teaching ID in public schools.”

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5 thoughts on “DFW, Here I Am

  • 2006/04/24 at 5:16 pm

    Please get video/audio/transcript of your talks, if possible.


  • 2006/04/24 at 10:56 pm

    I should be able to do audio, at least. NCSE just got a voice recorder that I have with me.

  • 2006/04/25 at 12:00 pm

    That would be great. Also, please have someone on PT do a post about all phases of getting grant money for research. At UD they whine that they don’t produce research because they are just sooo poor, and they can’t get government funding for all their marvelous research projects (probably all lined up and ready to go!), blah blah.


  • 2006/04/26 at 2:27 pm

    Saw your talk Tuesday night. You were great. I was the lady with the NCSE Reports. I’ve taught HS biology (with evolution) for nearly 28 years. I hate to be “superior sounding” but was that the best ID can do? With his credentials I would have thought he would have been able to do more than cry about how poor ID gets excluded all the time.I was really disappointed. With as much money as they spend on publication one would think they could spare a little for research. After all one good evidential experiment would be enough to get private donors to fund even more. But come to think of it Micheal Behe was once asked if he had the money to fund research what would he do and he said he would fund other people’s research. Makes me wonder if the reason he said that was because he didn’t have a clue how to intelligently design an experiment to demonstrate intelligent design. Hard to do when you can’t even prove the “designer” exists. Glad there are people out there doing what you do. Thanks. MH

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