Chinese “White Dolphin” Conservation

A BBC news report says that China has established a reserve area on its southern coast for the endangered white dolphin, Sousa Chinensis. Pollution is thought to be a major factor in current decline of the population.

The plight of the white dolphin was one of the projects Stephen Leatherwood was working on when he died of cancer in 1997. Stephen was a Ph.D. student at TAMU, and graduated from there in 1996. He already had a long list of publications on cetacean biology before going back to school to get what he called his “academic union card”.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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2 thoughts on “Chinese “White Dolphin” Conservation

  • 2006/04/14 at 9:03 am

    I’d never even heard of white dolphins. Do you have any pictures of them?


  • 2006/04/14 at 10:28 am

    Check out these search results for images of Sousa chinensis. I haven’t had the opportunity to take any pictures of these guys myself.

    Speaking of which, if any readers go out boating in the SF Bay area and would care to cart me along on an outing, I’d be happy to bring my photo gear with the idea of getting some pictures of animals in the area.

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